By Alisa Johnson

Twitter is a growing phenomenon among everyone from stay-at-home moms to the US President. Lawyers and other law professionals haven’t missed out on this trend either, and you can find numerous Twitter feeds that are full of insights into the work of these working professionals in all areas of the field. Here are 100 Twitter feeds we’ve pulled together from law librarians, lawyers, students and much more to keep you in the loop.

Law Students

These Tweeters are in the same boat as you, sharing their experiences in law school as well as advice and guidance on law issues and much more.

  1. Rex7: This third year law student is approaching graduation and a potential career in litigation and provides loads of valuable links and information.
  2. TheSenator: Tweeter Jessica is a law student in Knoxville, Tennessee tweets about her experience as a law student, politics, comic books and everything else.
  3. mynameisdom: Check out this feed for tweets from this second year law student living in Manhattan.
  4. sabrinaross: Sabrina is a law student at Berkeley Law who shares her research, studies and struggles as she works towards a degree.
  5. NTLS: Here you’ll find the feed of Larry Brown, a non-traditional law student currently working as an accountant balancing a career and family.
  6. joshcamson: Self-professed nerd and law student Josh shares his thoughts on law school, technology and more.
  7. tokkibell: Thisstudent is attending Washington University in St. Louis talks about his travels, schools and job hunting.
  8. justinianlane: Those interested in law and civil justice will find another to share ideas with in this tweeter.
  9. no634: Minneapolis student Jansen is working on getting his law degree and tweeting along the way.
  10. mglickman: This Tweeter is not only a law student but also works as an IT guy and still finds time to spend with his children.
  11. kluper: Student Katie Luper is attending law school and keeping up with the latest technology.

Law Firms

Check out these law firms who are embracing the power of the internet to tell you what they’re up to. Many are top firms that law students  and paralegal students can keep up with for future employment opportunities.

  1. Deacons: This Australian law firm is one of the fastest growing on the continent and keeps you up to date with what the partners are doing through the feed.
  2. statonip: Staton Law Firm lets you know just what they’ve been working on through regular Twitter activity.
  3. fulbright: The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski maintains this feed with links and updates relevant to the law community.
  4. KattenLaw: Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, a Chicago law firm, is a full-service firm that posts updates on recent cases in their feed.
  5. McDermottLaw: This leading international law firm, McDermott Will & Emory, has taken to the net with regular posts on Twitter.
  6. weilgotshal: This firm has 21 offices worldwide and makes it easy for you to keep up with them in their feed.
  7. WCSRtwit: With a cute bulldog as their logo, Womble Carlyle keeps you in the loop when it comes to law news and their own business practice.
  8. gowlings_law: Take a trip to our northern neighbors and learn more about their law practices from this Canadian firm’s tweets.
  9. SimmonsCooper: Simmons Cooper is a nationwide law firm that spends a lot of its time dealing with asbestos cases as you will see from their feed.
  10. PatelWarren: This Houston-area firm specializes in family law and civil litigation.
  11. shannongracey: Self-described as a "Texas-sized" practice, this firm deals with everything from oil issues to insurance.

Law Librarians

Researching cases in school and beyond will be an essential part of your law career. These librarians are working hard to help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian, blogger and social media speaker who has some great ideas and information to offer in his feed.
  2. stevematthews: Steve Matthews is the founder of Stem Legal, a law librarian and all around internet marketing whiz.
  3. jeiseman: This tweeter works at Yale Law Library and posts about his daily experiences as well as law librarian issues.
  4. BetsyMckenzie: Law librarian Besty posts updates about libraries and technology in her feed.
  5. RKaiser: Don’t let this law librarian fool you, she’s up-to-date on the latest technology, not just Twitter but podcasting as well.
  6. jogiammattei: You can read more about the activities of this law librarian through her twittering.
  7. amylibrarian: While not a law librarian, this blogger does work in the academic setting and can offer insights into her profession and libraries in general.
  8. sglassmeyer: Tweeter Sarah is the reference librarian at University of Kentucky College of Law and her feed lets you in on her daily activities.
  9. mak506: Learn about the personal and profession life of this law librarian.
  10. Carravaggio: David Holt is a Librarian at the Santa Clara University School of Law and shares his thoughts on technology and more here.
  11. shucha: Head of Reference at the UW Law Library, Bonnie is a great resource for information about libraries and a whole lot more.
  12. robertheym: This tweeter used to be an attorney but now works as a law librarian offering insights from both sides.

Professional Lawyers

Law students can learn more about the careers of working lawyers, their opinions and experiences through these Twitter feeds.

  1. dhowell: Denise Howell is a lawyer, mom and lover all of techie stuff.
  2. Montaignejns: This lawyer is addicted to politics and news and often posts about them in this feed.
  3. BILL_ROMANOS: Bill is an attorney for an aerospace company and can provide some insights into the field for prospective employees.
  4. LeeRosen: If divorce law is your thing then check out this divorce lawyer’s feed.
  5. taxgirl: Find out what it takes to be a tax lawyer through this regularly updated feed.
  6. nikiblack: Niki spends her time working as a lawyer, doing legal writing, blogging and perusing social media like Twitter.
  7. adriandayton: This corporate lawyer is working hard at becoming a published author.
  8. probateblogger: Here you’ll find some amusing legal stories from this probate lawyer.
  9. kreisman1: Attorney Bob Kreisman shares his and his firm’s activities in this feed.
  10. guntrustlawyer: From estate planning to guardianship, this lawyer takes care of numerous issues that are important to families.
  11. BostonAttorney: This lawyer handles personal injury cases as well as business and insurance issues.
  12. MACrimeLawyer: Living in Massachusetts, this criminal lawyer shares his thoughts on a range of criminal law issues.
  13. barrettdavid: Barrett David is not only a business litigation lawyer but maintains the largest LinkedIn lawyer network.
  14. lisasolomon: This professional is concentrating on legal research and writing so law students like you can stay in the loop.

Lawyers and More

These Twitterers are lawyers, but they embrace other careers as well. Keep up with their multi-faceted lives with their Twitter feeds.

  1. kevinhouchin: Kevin is an attorney who dabbles in writing, art, speaking, marketing and more.
  2. AlexisNeely: This busy mom is a lawyer who spends a lot of her time as a financial expert on television programs and writing books to help families get their finances under control.
  3. ronfox: Ron works as a lawyer but also works helping lawyers who have been laid off or who are dissatisfied with their jobs find new work.
  4. upwardaction: T.C. Coleman is more than a lawyer. She also runs a firm that coaches businesses on better marketing and branding.
  5. LawBiz: Ed Poll is CEO of LawBiz Mgt, a firm that helps to coach and consult with lawyers so they’ll be more successful.
  6. stacystern: As president of, Stacey Stern is busy online and in the law profession.
  7. LDPodcast: With interests that include the law profession, pediatrics, and podcasting, the lawyer and mom is one busy woman.
  8. commcounsel: This tweeter is a media law attorney, crisis communications advisor, PR strategist, speech coach, media relations trainer, and adjunct professor of law.
  9. ElizabethPW: With maintaining a law career, hosting a radio show, and home schooling her children it’s amazing this attorney has time to Twitter.

Professors and Academics

These Twitterers are teaching law students just like you and preparing the next generation of lawyers.

  1. LawProf: IP/TechLaw prof Michael Scott shares his thoughts on the internet, technology and legal issues in this feed.
  2. Zittrain: This tech-loving professor tweets about his classes, thoughts about technology and a lot more.
  3. MarkRMatthews: This attorney is also a professor and shares his thoughts, often from a conservative viewpoint, on a range of issues.
  4. lessig: Check out this feed to read the posts of this Canadian law professor.
  5. Nechlaw: This professor is interested in immigration law and gay rights and share his thoughts on his feed.
  6. ericgoldman: Associate Professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, Eric Goldman uses his feed to share his personal and professional interests.
  7. jmilles: Here you can read tweets from James Milles a professor at the SUNY University at Buffalo Law School.
  8. AnnePMitchell: Anne is CEO of an email delivery service, a law professor and former attorney who still finds time to twitter.
  9. annalthouse: This blogger and law professor shares her thoughts here.
  10. shaunjamison: Shaun Jameson is a busy guy, working as a law professor, life and business coach, and law speaker.

Technology and the Law

What topic is more apt for lawyers to talk about on Twitter than technology laws? These feeds focus on just that.

  1. CopyrightLaw: Copyrights can be hard to control in the wild west environment of the internet. This blog can keep you updated on all kinds of copyright law news.
  2. InternetLaw: Want to learn more about the laws that apply to the internet? Check out this helpful feed for more information.
  3. PrivacyLaw: Professor Michael Scott keeps you up-to-date with what’s going on with privacy law in the new age of the internet in this feed.
  4. Josh Kagan: With interests in technology law, video games and the legal profession, this Tweeter can help you keep up with the latest goings-on.
  5. kevinokeefe: Kevin is not only a lawyer but also is the CEO of LexBlog and the operator of LexTweet.
  6. BrettTrout: This attorney isn’t just working with patent law but has also published a book called CyberLaw.
  7. rkoman: Check out this feed for information about civil litigation and technology.
  8. kaplanmyrth: This Canadian lawyer works in technology law and new media.
  9. bobcoffield: With expertise in health care, business and technology law, attorney Bob Coffield has a lot to offer interested readers.
  10. adamesq: Adam is an attorney specializing in technology, making him a good resource for students interested in pursuing a similar career.
  11. EFF: The Electronic Frontier Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals defend their civil liberties online.


Graduates of law programs will more than likely be depending on the skills and expertise of paralegals to make their jobs easier. Find out more about what these professionals do, their experiences in law and more from these feeds.

  1. LauraLeeSparks: Laura is more than just a paralegal with a wide range of other skills and interests to offer as well that can be helpful in your law career.
  2. ExpertParalegal: Tweeter Lynn is a paralegal and an author of a book who has loads of knowledge to share about her field.
  3. lilyhill: With a wide variety of posts in her feed, this paralegal and digital consultant has lots of interesting reading to offer.
  4. Lrantz: Linda Rantz is a bankruptcy paralegal who sometimes works as a virtual assistant on the net in the same capacity.
  5. lawfirmblogger: This feed is home to posts on the legal profession as well as advice on navigating the net.
  6. ATLparalegal: Want to find paralegals to work over the net? This gal could be what you’re looking for.
  7. cerussell123: This Chicago-area paralegal shares her experiences working at Kreisman Law Offices.
  8. VickiVoisin: Vicki is a paralegal trainer and mentor who posts about her career in this feed.
  9. ParaGate: Jeannie Johnston is paralegal but also the CEO of the largest paralegal magazine out there. Check out her feed for more info.

Law Schools

These law schools have taken up Twittering to share their news, events and important information for law students at their school and other schools across the nation.

  1. harvard_law: Harvard Law was the school of choice for our president and you can learn more about what they have going on through their feed activity.
  2. stanfordlaw: This California-based school offers loads of news items in their feed that are relevant to law students.
  3. uchicagolaw: The University of Chicago maintains this blog that updates you with everything happening with the school and the faculty.
  4. DukeLawPub: Those interested in law publications may want to check out this Twitter feed from the Duke University Law School.
  5. yalelawlibrary: Find out more about the resources available at Yale’s Law Library from this feed.
  6. BaylorLawSchool: From learning more about the programs at Baylor to finding out what events are going on, you’ll find loads of information here.
  7. nyulaw: New York University’s School of Law maintains this feed with posts relevant to the school specifically and the law community at large.
  8. mulaw: Learn more about Marquette University’s Law School from this feed.
  9. wululaw: This Virginia law school’s feed is full of law-related news updates and information about the school.
  10. JMLS_Chicago: John Marshall Law School in Chicago shares their events and goings-on through their Twitter feed.

State and Federal Law

These feeds will keep you up-to-date on state and nationwide legal issues.

  1. publiclaws: This feed will keep you abreast of U.S. federal laws as they are entered in the registrar, ensuring you stay on top of what’s new and important.
  2. NewYorkCivilLaw: Maintained by attorney Matthew Lerner, this feed can help you learn more about updates to New York’s civil laws.
  3. USSupremeCourt: Want to learn more about Supreme Court rulings? This feed is full of them.

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