By now, you’ve hopefully realized that your iPhone is more than just a communication tool. This list of 100 free apps will prove to you that it’s also an outlet for learning other languages, playing games, discovering new music, being more productive at work, and a lot more.


Here you can find apps that help you learn piano, discover new artists, and more.

  1. Pandora: Learn more about music and listen to free radio with the Pandora iPhone app.
  2. Virtual Zippo Lighter: Hold up this realistic app on your iPhone when you’re at a concert for a lighter effect.
  3. Mini Piano: Practice piano during your down time with this iPhone app.
  4. Google Mobile: This Google tool makes it easy to search the Internet with your voice or via My Location.
  5. YouTube for your iPhone: Get access to the millions of videos on YouTube with this app.
  6. Shazam: Share music, test your knowledge of different tracks, and discover new artists with Shazam.
  7. Remote: Remote is a very practical tool that lets you control playback for your iTunes library and Apple TV.
  8. Picasa Web Albums: Manipulate and share photos via Picasa Web Albums on the iPhone.
  9. Stanza: With Stanza, you can download over 100,000 books and periodicals to your iPhone.
  10. Light Table (free): The free version of this collage-making tool doesn’t let you share or upload to Twitter, but it’s still fun.

Business, News and Finance

These apps help with business productivity and let you get updates on stock market trends and other office- and business-related information.

  1. Lie Detector Advanced: Find out if your colleagues and supervisors are lying to you with this fun recorder.
  2. Gmail: Gmail for the iPhone keeps you connected even when you’re away from your desk. Or when you just want to use your iPhone.
  3. Docs: Access Google Docs from your iPhone with this app.
  4. USA Today: Get all of your business and financial news, as well as sports and lifestyle news, from this app.
  5. Paper Football Lite: You may think paper football is just a game, but you would be wrong. It is the office game.
  6. Mint: Use’s app to keep track of your finance wherever you are.
  7. ABC News: Get the latest reports from ABC News here.
  8. iTalk: This recorder is great for remembering notes, recording meetings and more.
  9. Google Notebook: Jot down business notes, to-do lists and more with Google Notebook.
  10. Bloomberg: Keep up with the latest stock trends and financial news stories with Bloomberg for the iPhone.

Productivity and Search

For better, faster searches and a more productive work day, use these apps.

  1. Google Search: This iPhone app brings you local listings, suggests search terms and has all the capabilities of regular web, news, local and image searches.
  2. Google Calendar: This iPhone-friendly version of Google calendar displays nicely on your mobile and can be shared with friends and co-workers.
  3. Magic iBall (Free): Make decisions more quickly when you ask the Magic iBall for help.
  4. iTV: Make searching for TV shows and information about movies and actors easier when you use this listing resource.
  5. SnapTell: Take a picture of a product, and SnapTell looks up the item to give you reference and shopping resources about it.
  6. WiFi Icons: Change up your WiFi icons so that you’ve got a better idea of when you can and can’t connect.
  7. Vlingo: This voice-powered app searches the Internet and your contacts, and even lets you update Twitter and Facebook by talking into the phone.
  8. AccuWeather: Check the weather, radar and satellite maps and get severe weather updates with this tool.
  9. WritePad: The iPhone can recognize your handwriting style with this app. It automatically stores content written on the memo pad and lets you e-mail directly from WritePad.


From fishing to the movies to skiing, these iPhone apps will connect you to your favorite hobbies.

  1. iHandy Level: The level in the Handy toolkit is now free. Use for all your DIY projects.
  2. Check movie times, buy tickets and even view maps of theaters with
  3. Virtual Pool Lite: Pool sharks can play anytime they want with this app.
  4. Sudoku: Sudoku borders on an obsession for some people. Play it to sharpen your mind and basic arithmetic skills.
  5. Blogger: Google Blogger’s iPhone app lets you post from your phone or MMS posts to an offline account.
  6. Little Black Book: This fancy-looking app keeps all of your dates (or contact information) in one handy spot.
  7. SnoCountry Free: Track two of your favorite ski resorts for snowfall, snow quality and more.
  8. Dinner Spinner: This free app from helps you find recipes. Just choose what type of dish you want, the main ingredient you’d like to use, and the amount of time you have. Then, spin.
  9. Droogle: Find recipes for drinks and shots with this app.
  10. Amazon Mobile: Shop easier and more conveniently with Amazon Mobile.
  11. BigOven: BigOven is another app that shares recipes: 160,000 of them.


Who says games can’t be educational? Download brain teasers, puzzles and random games that are full of fun.

  1. reMovem: This addictive game works your response time, analytical skills and more. The free version features a 7×10 grid and up to six colors.
  2. PAC-MAN Lite: Play the free version of PAC-MAN on your iPhone here.
  3. iShoot Lite: iShoot Lite is the free version of iShoot, a popular app that lets you play an artillery game. Lite lets you use 6 different weapons. Play it for strategy and to calm your nerves.
  4. Beer Pong Challenge: Okay, so this game might not necessarily make you smarter, but it’s still awesome.
  5. iBowl: Improve your virtual and real-life bowling game when you play iBowl.
  6. Tic-Tac Touch: Play this game against a friend or the computer.
  7. Checkers: This free Checkers game improves concentration, focus, and strategy.
  8. Whoopee Cushion: With this game, you can learn, um, how to trick your friends and co-workers and match appropriate passing gas sounds to said friends and co-workers.
  9. Labyrinth Lite: This tricky mind game is available in a free version for the iPhone.
  10. Peanut Butter Jelly Time: This highly annoying but strangely popular animation is available on the iPhone for free.
  11. Linx Free: Improve your drawing skills and ability to solve problems quickly with this game.
  12. Shinro Lite: Practice your problem solving skills with this puzzle game.
  13. Sol Free Solitaire: Play Solitaire for free with this lite version.
  14. Trace: Trace is an easy game but is good for sharpening your problem-solving skills. Trace your way through a maze-like obstacle course to win.
  15. Turkey Hunt: Learn about turkey hunts with this game, which teaches you about different hunting grounds and more.
  16. i Fishing Lite: i Fishing Lite is an actual fishing simulator, not a traditional game, letting you really work on technique.
  17. Free Word Warp: Play this word game to increase your vocabulary.

Travel and Transportation

These travel-related apps include maps, driving directions and more resources to help you navigate your way around the U.S.

  1. Google Earth: This version of Google Earth is made for your iPhone, so you can view maps from your phone.
  2. GOOG-411: This free service lets you look up business information.
  3. Google Maps: Get driving directions, local business information, maps and more.
  4. Around Me: Get to know the city you’re visiting when Around Me shares recommendations for restaurants and more.
  5. Distance Meter: This GPS and distance tracker is especially great for runners, bikers and hikers.


These educational apps include foreign language resources, history lessons and more.

  1. Google Reader: Stay connected with your blogs and newsfeeds with this iPhone app.
  2. iTranslate: Translate text to start learning German, French, Spanish and more.
  3. Constitution for iPhone: Start memorizing the Constitution, including the Preamble and all the amendments, with this tool.
  4. Google News: Stay on top of the news with this customizable Google app.
  5. Declaration for iPhone: Read the Declaration of Independence on your iPhone.
  6. Aero Guitar Free: Practice playing guitar and learning songs with this free app.
  7. Sight Words Free: Help your kids learn to read, or learn to read English with this tool.
  8. Wikiamo: This reference tool lets you access Wikipedia from your iPhone.
  9. Free Spanish Tutor: Use your iPhone to learn Spanish with this app.
  10. Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary: Access 140,000 definitions with this app.
  11. Shakespeare: Get all of Shakespeare’s texts from the PlayShakespeare game with this app.

Community and Local Resources

Get Facebook, MySpace, and recommendations for local hangouts on your iPhone with these tools.

  1. Facebook: Facebook’s iPhone-friendly layout will keep you connected to all your friends, status updates and messages.
  2. Talk: Use the Google Talk app for chats, status messages and business meetings.
  3. Tap Tap Revenge: Compete against one other player to prove your rhythm skills.
  4. ZIP Finder: Find zip codes, get traffic reports and look up zip code profiles here.
  5. Urbanspoon: Find places to eat in different neighborhoods by shaking this slot machine-like app.
  6. Google SMS: Look up local business listings, get stock quotes and more with this app.
  7. MySpace Mobile: Connect to MySpace via your iPhone.
  8. AIM: This free app lets you send text messages for free.
  9. Mobile by Citysearch: Get Citysearch’s local recommendations with this app.
  10. Loopt: This "social compass" connects you to your favorite hotspots and where your friends like to hang out.

Health and Wellness

These apps can help you stick to your fitness and nutrition regimen and help you beat stress.

  1. Tranquility: Ease into your meditation or nap with this app.
  2. iPhone Bubble Wrap: Relieve stress by virtually popping bubble wrap.
  3. Done Drinking: Figure out how to get home and stay safe when you play with this drunk avatar.
  4. Lose It!: Get smarter about your weight loss plan by setting up a calorie "budget" with Lose It!
  5. LIVESTRONG Calorie Tracker: This app can build you a health profile that recommends a certain caloric intake for each day.

Everyday Tools

These downloads are an absolute must for your everyday errands and responsibilities.

  1. Flashlight: Turn your iPhone into a flashlight with this app.
  2. The Weather Channel: Check the forecast and read weather-related news stories with this very useful app.
  3. Lightsaber Unleashed: If you’re a Star Wars junkie, you can use this lightsaber app as a source of light. Or power.
  4. Night Stand: Transform your iPhone into a digital clock that shows days, seconds or hours.
  5. WiFinder: Turn on this app to find a wireless connection in your area.


From iPhone mistletoe to eBay and Craigslist on the iPhone, here are even more convenient apps to try.

  1. Status Bar Icons: Pick a different color so that it’s easier to pay attention to your status bar.
  2. iGoogle: Design your own homepage for your iPhone with this tool.
  3. Mistletoe: Smooch or Smack?: Use this mistletoe image app to find an excuse to kiss friends. Or strangers.
  4. Audi A4 Driving Challenge: Practice your driving skills with this game.
  5. eBay on iPhone: Check up on your bids and search auctions via this tool.
  6. Craigsphone: Access Craigslist and features like history and click-to-call with this app.
  7. Shape Writer: Shape Writer makes it easier to enter text on a touch screen device.


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