Online colleges have made getting a degree much more attainable for many people. Whether working and living in a rural area without access to a college, working full-time, taking care of family commitments, or even just prohibited by the cost of a traditional college education, the reasons that held people back from earning a degree are now history. Online colleges offer students the opportunity to work on their degree in their home and on their own time. These reasons have brought online colleges widespread popularity and are now very easy to find when searching online. It is important, however, to ensure that the online college you choose is both reputable and of good quality.

The first thing you can do to determine what caliber online college you are considering is whether or not the school is a diploma mill. Diploma mills are sham institutions that offer a degree with little or no work. Often, the degrees are conferred just by paying a fee. Degrees from these types of schools are worthless. Employers will not accept them as a substitute for a real degree as they want their employees to have the experience and knowledge that comes with a quality education. One helpful resource for learning which schools are diploma mills is through Oregon Student Assistance Commission Office of Degree Authorization. Their website offers descriptions of diploma mills, links to accredited and unaccredited schools nationwide, and important information on accreditation laws across the country.

Accreditation is the next important piece of determining which online colleges are the best in the USA. The process of accreditation is a method of ensuring that the education offered at that school meets standards set by non-governmental agencies overseeing the quality of education. The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) are both excellent resources for ensuring online colleges are accredited. While not every good-quality school will be accredited, most are; and it is an excellent measure by which to judge schools.

Defining what is the best online college can be a very subjective task. What may make one school the best for one student may not be the same for another student. Examine what you want to achieve from your online education. Some colleges offer specialized degree programs for students with a specific types of career in mind such as nursing, computer science, or criminal justice while others are tailored to a more vocational training experience. Another important factor to consider when selecting the best online college is the level of education you wish to obtain. Online colleges offer a range of degree options from associate degrees that can be earned in two years or less to graduate degrees that require a bit more of a commitment. Find out how much and what type of education you need to obtain to be successful in your career and choose an online college accordingly.

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Kaplan University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. Kaplan University offers college degrees in many of the fastest growing industries in the United States today. With accredited degrees at affordable prices, Kaplan makes it easy to get a college degree in just over two years.
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University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's & Doctorate Degrees. University of Phoenix is one of the world's most respected online universities with a large number of upper level degree plans to choose from. University of Phoenix has classroom classes available as well as being able to take classes from the comfort of your home.

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