Whether you’re enrolled in a business school degree program or desperate for a review of b-school basics as you start your own company, it’s hard to pass up free study materials. These 100 ebooks on marketing, management, ecommerce, and finance are all free and worth checking out.

Basic Business

These foundational courses focus on basic business skills like earning money, understanding your relationship with the customer, and more.

  1. Art of Earning Money: In the Art of Earning Money, you’ll learn how to turn a business idea into a stable business.
  2. Strategic Marketing Process: This book can show you how to boost performance by reworking your business strategy.
  3. Business Plan Success: Get tips on setting up a solid business plan.
  4. Focus: The Key to Success: As a business manager or owner, you’ll need to be able to focus and have perspective at all times.
  5. Business Correspondence: Learn professional correspondence etiquette here.
  6. Instant Loyalty Strategies: Understand customer loyalty strategies here.
  7. Biz Success: This business book is a great introduction for beginning business students.
  8. Closing the Sale: Whatever kind of business you’re in, learn how to close the sale.
  9. Instant Strategic Alliances: Find out how strategic alliances can boost your business
  10. Business Writing: Learn the 7 principles of business writing here.


Become a better manager with these courses, which cover topics in psychology, change management, and more.

  1. BMA’s Change Management Articles: Get tips on change management in this book.
  2. Instant Testing and Measuring: Learn how to manage a marketing team here.
  3. Conquer Your Fear of Change: This change management book will help you learn the strategies needed to take your business in a new direction.
  4. Best Management Quotations Vol. 1: Get inspired to be a better manager by reading this book.
  5. The Removal of Distracting Thoughts: Become a better manager by learning to remain focused.
  6. How to Speak and Write Correctly: Brush up on effective communication here.
  7. Introduction to Management: Contents in this tutorial include management history in the U.S.; planning, organizing and leading groups; supervision; and more.
  8. Management Learning and Training: Learn management basics here.
  9. How to Turn Challenging Situations Around: Learn how to positively manipulate a situation.
  10. MBA Operations Management: Chapters here include Process Planning and Design, Inventory Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning.

E-commerce and Internet Marketing

Review the cutting edge techniques necessary to master online business.

  1. 3 Vital Steps to KickStart Your Web Business: Daniel Sudhakar’s book helps you "avoid all the mistakes that start-ups make."
  2. Breaking Into Internet Marketing: Get an introduction to online business and Internet marketing here.
  3. Secret Twitter Manifesto: This ebook will show you how to use Twitter to its maximum potential as a marketing tool for your business or brand.
  4. E-business Starter Kit: This manual claims to have everything you need to start up your online business.
  5. Webmaster Business Masters Course: Learn how to navigate the start-up phase of an online business.
  6. Advertising and Promotions: Learn about advertising law, public relations and more.


Here you can review accounting, investments and other business finance guides.

  1. Budget Breeze: Learn new budgeting strategies for your business. Includes budgeting forms.
  2. Best of Wealth Anthems 2008: Discover ways to build wealth.
  3. Enhance Your Financial Intelligence: Better manage your finances and investments with this guide.
  4. Don’t Get Business Credit: Learn about business credit cards and loans.
  5. Bankruptcy to Go Ebook Kit: This book outlines the 102 things you need to know before you file bankruptcy.
  6. 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them: Become a better networker by reading this guide.
  7. Solving the Money Puzzle: Personal Finance Made Easy: Get more finance and budgeting support here.
  8. The Gilded Age: Listen to or read Mark Twain’s famous work to better understand the pitfalls of a wealthy society.
  9. Financial Accounting: Learn accounting principles, financing assets, and more.
  10. Principles of Accounting: This book covers inventory, investments, property and equipment, liabilities, and more.
  11. Introduction to Finance: Contents in this resource include Capital Budgeting, Financial Calculators and Investing.
  12. Public Finance: Here you will learn about the financial intents and restrictions of government.
  13. Principles of Finance: Learn about returns, the value of money, and more.
  14. Accountancy: Get an overview of assets, liabilities, creditors, and more.

Human Resources

From recruitment and hiring to understanding group dynamics, these HR books can strengthen your company.

  1. The 10 Most Common Mistakes in Hiring: Learn how to hire the right employees after reading this manual.
  2. Human Resources Management and Leadership: Develop skills in performance management, staff development and general HR management.
  3. How to Build Relationships that Stick: This book helps you nurture mature relationships.
  4. Understanding Words, An End to Anger and Conflict: Get valuable anger management and conflict resolution tips here.
  5. Managing Groups and Teams: Learn how to effectively manage a team.
  6. Organizational Theory: This human resources management ebook goes over organization structures.
  7. Introduction to Psychology: By reading this introductory psychology book, you’ll have a better understanding of how your employees respond to different situations.
  8. Organizational Leadership Study Guide: Topics covered here include moral leadership, organizational behavior, change theory, and innovation.
  9. 10 Things They Never Tell You When You Start Work and Why: Help new employees adjust by reading this book.
  10. Social Psychology: Learn about the social mind, personality, and group dynamics here.

Marketing and Advertising

Review marketing and advertising techniques here.

  1. The Ten Critical, Must-Have Marketing Techniques: Increase your sales by following these ten steps.
  2. Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook: Get tips on promoting affiliated products online.
  3. BMA’s Advertising and Promotions Articles, Vol 1.: The BMA’s book on advertising can help you learn new strategies for your business.
  4. Creating Compelling Customer Value Propositions: This book teaches you strategies for understanding your company’s value and communicating that value to customers.
  5. How to Fix Customer Satisfaction at Your Company: Increase your return and recommend rate with the help of this guide.
  6. Instant Press Advertising: Learn all about this advertising strategy.
  7. 12 Simple Ways to Promote Your Website: Tim Priebe shares tips on website promotion.
  8. 5 Tips for Successful Small Business Marketing: Small business owners get focused marketing tips here.
  9. 10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads: Write better ads that reach your customers here.
  10. Advertising for Results: Get tips on writing headlines, gathering materials, coming up with an advertising plan, and more.
  11. All About Marketing: Learn about inbound and outbound marketing.
  12. Marketing Research: This guide can help you understand different techniques for marketing research.
  13. Visionary Marketing Innovation: Here you’ll learn how to improve marketing information systems.
  14. Marketing: Here you will find an overview of marketing principles like market research, marketing ethics, and consumer behavior.
  15. Communication Theory/Propaganda and The Public: Learn how the public reacts to marketing and propaganda.
  16. Advertising: Lessons from this book include Television, Radio and Print Advertising, and Strategies.

International Business

Check out these books and resources to better understand international business concepts.

  1. Basics of International Economics: Get the basics of international economics here.
  2. International Financial Reporting: Learn about international balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more.
  3. Managing Groups and Teams/How Do You Manage Global Virtual Teams?: Learn skills in managing global teams.
  4. The Information Age/Globalization: Discover information and security issues that affect globalization and international business.

Business Law and Ethics

Make sure you’re running an ethical, lawful company by reviewing these guides.

  1. 7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered: Learn more about resell rights in this manual.
  2. Introduction to Philosophy: Learn about ethics here.
  3. Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law: Business students get a crash course in business law here.
  4. Marketing Ethics: This specialized resource focuses on marketing ethics.
  5. U.S. Corporate Law/Introduction: Learn about partnerships, limited liability companies and more.


Here you can check out introductory and upper-level economics resources.

  1. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations: Read Adam Smith’s infamous book here.
  2. Principles of Economics – Carl Menger: Review the principles of economics according to Menger here.
  3. Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: Get lessons on demand and supply, market systems, and profit from this e-resource.
  4. Essential Principles of Economics: Here you’ll learn about game theory, monopolies, cost and supply, competition, and more.
  5. MBA Lectures in Macroeconomics: Get MBA-level instruction on business cycle, international economics, inflation, and more.
  6. The Demand and Supply of Public Goods: Dissect Neoclassical economic theory here.
  7. A History of Economic Thought: Review the economic theories of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Keynes and others.
  8. The Power to Tax: Here you’ll learn about a "revenue-maximizing government" and what that can mean for business.

Jobs and Career

Manage your job search here.

  1. Your Layoff and the Law of Attraction: "Secrets of the Hidden Job Market": Janet White’s book helps you transform your perspective when searching for a job.
  2. Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in a Sluggish Economy: Discover tips on standing out in a recession.


These books can help you start up your own company.

  1. The Woork Handbook: Learn how to design your own web page when you’re first starting out by dissecting this guide on CSS, HTML and Ajax.
  2. Buy Anything Wholesale Guide: Save your newbie business money by buying wholesale.
  3. Don’t apologize for SmallBusiness: This book aims to pump more self-worth into the small business owner.
  4. Home Business Success: Turn your home business into a lucrative company.
  5. Studying Strategy: Learn new ideas in strategic management here.

Niche Business Ebooks

From sports marketing to law firms, these niche books feature a more specialized perspective.

  1. How to Increase Profits for Your Law Firm: Victoria Ring’s ebook helps attorneys build business.
  2. Business information management: Learn about information management systems and business principles.
  3. Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism: Those in the hospitality industry can learn about consumer behavior here.
  4. Marketing and Football: This sports marketing book focuses on soccer.


Review business ebooks on social responsibility, sales pitches, and more.

  1. Prospecting and the Sales Pitch: This book may help you better your sales pitch.
  2. USPS Shipping Overseas – How to Ship Internationally: Learn how to ship overseas to customers and vendors.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: This British class focuses on social responsibility standards.
  4. Starting and Running a Business: This guide will explain the steps you need to take to start up a business.
  5. Writing a Business Plan: Learn about writing plans for marketing, operational systems, and more.
  6. Professional Customer Service: Step up your commitment to customer service after reading this book.

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