By Jill Gordon

Space is a beautiful thing to explore, and there are many ways to take in its wonder. You can find excellent resources for photos, videos, and other multimedia collections for space and astronomy online. Here, we’ve compiled 100 of the best of these collections for you to enjoy.


Visit these collections to find space videos for observation and instruction.

  1. Night Sky Observer: Night Sky Observer has videocasts, video news, topical astronomy videos, and more.
  2. The HEASARC Video Archive: You’ll get access to digitized animations and clips from high energy astrophysics missions from this archive.
  3. How Stuff Works: Astronomy Videos: This collection from How Stuff Works is full of instructional space videos and more.
  4. NASA TV: NASA TV provides real-time coverage of activities, missions, and news resources.
  5. Video Collection: You’ll be able to learn about space, space history, and more on’s video collection.
  6. Videos of the Apollo Lunar Missions: This collection features videos made during the Apollo missions.
  7. Astronomy Video Collection: See dancing Aurora lights, a cosmic voyage, and more on this site.
  8. NASA Multimedia: Here you’ll get access to NASA multimedia including images and video.


From backyard astronomers to NASA, you’ll find excellent photos of the night sky and beyond in these collections.

  1. Astronomy Picture of the Day: View interesting astronomy photos every day on this resource from NASA.
  2. SkyChasers: SkyChasers is full of amateur space photos, as well as tips and resources for taking your own space photos.
  3. Astrophotography by Jim Ferreira: Jim Ferreira’s website features high resolution video capture astrophotography and deep sky CCD astrophotography.
  4. NSSDC Photo Gallery: The National Space Science Data Center’s photo gallery shares planetary photos, astronomical objects, and a lot more.
  5. Jack Schmidling Astronomy: Jack Schmidling highlights astrophotos every week, photo favorites, and more.
  6. Astronomy North Photo of the Week: Astronomy North’s website offers a weekly photo image gallery, as well as images including Aurora Borealis, stars, and planets.
  7. NASA’s Photojournal: On NASA’s Photojournal, you’ll get to take a look at a variety of images from NASA.
  8. Space Telescope Science Institute: This institute shares images captured by Hubble and more.
  9. Welcome to the Planets: On this website, you’ll find planet profiles and the best images from NASA’s planetary exploration program.
  10. The World at Night: Find space and astronomical photographs from around the world through The World at Night’s project.
  11. The Project Apollo Archive: View the history of the Apollo project through these images and multimedia.
  12. Enceladus Up Close: See these photos of Saturn’s tiny icy moon as taken by NASA’s Cassini orbiter.
  13. Astronomical & Nightscape Photography: Chris Cook’s site is full of deep sky images.
  14. Starmatt Astrophotography: Here you’ll find a gallery of celestial objects in deep space.
  15. MODIS Web: This collection from NASA shows images of a variety of locations taken by satellite.
  16. GRIN: Great Images in NASA is a library of excellent NASA images, organized for easy searching and browsing.
  17. Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis: Check out this website to go on a majestic tour of our universe.
  18. Views of the Solar System: See lots of solar views in this website’s photo library.
  19. The Sun-The Big Picture:’s sun image gallery will blow you away.
  20. High Energy Astrophysics Picture of the Week: Check out this site to find a new stunning photo every week.
  21. Russell Croman Astrophotography: This gallery features fine photographs of celestial wonders.
  22. Ruben’s Celestial Images: Reuben’s photo site features galaxies, star clusters, and more.
  23. Round Trip with Endeavor-The Big Picture: See the cycle of the Endeavor through this collection of photos.
  24. SEDS Messier Database: Here you’ll see great images of objects in the Messier Catalog.
  25. Images from Celestial High Energy Sources: In this site, you’ll find lots of images of celestial high energy sources.
  26. Astro Imager: The Astro Imager features a variety of galaxies, nebulae and more.
  27. Shore Galaxy: The Shore Galaxy gallery has telescope images of the planets, celestial bodies, and more.
  28. BackyardAstro: Jason’s Backyard Astro has photos of galaxies, star clusters, nebulas, and beyond.
  29. Astronomy for Africa Images: This page features incredible images of planets and more.
  30. Renato Tarabella Home Page: Renato Tarabella’s photography features a variety of nebulae, planets, and other celestial objects.
  31. See the Glory: Find galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and more here.
  32. Image Gallery Collection:’s website is full of space photos, including zoom views, an image of the day, and wallpapers.
  33. Preparing to Rescue Hubble: This collection of photos details the preparation of the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.
  34. Randy Brewer’s Astronomy Web: Randy Brewer has photos of the solar system, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae.
  35. Galaxy Photography: These images from Jason Ware are full of nebulae, galaxies, and beyond.
  36. Pictures from the Edge: In this gallery, you’ll find a variety of space objects far away and close to home.
  37. The Universe in Color: See the solar system, star clusters, and lots of other interesting astronomy images here.
  38. Catching the Light: In this website from Jerry Lodriguss, you’ll find deep-sky astronomical photographs, as well as tips for digital astrophotography.
  39. Martian Skies: This collection is full of the best images of Martian atmosphere.
  40. A Shot in the Dark: Kirk Rogers’ astrophotography website features solar system, milky way, extragalactic, wide field, and CCD images.
  41. Shallow Sky: On Shallow Sky, you’ll see a variety of moon imaging with a Color QuickCam VC.
  42. Total Solar Eclipse of 2008: See photos of August 1, 2008′s total solar eclipse, the only one of this year.
  43. The Night Sky Live: Get a look at the night sky on this website.
  44. Cassini Nears Four-Year Mark: This collection shares some of the best images sent back home by Cassini over the past four years.
  45. The Hubble Heritage Project: The Hubble Heritage Project’s website is full of gorgeous images from the Hubble.
  46. Spacecraft Hubble Gallery: In this collection, you’ll find anything and everything Hubble.
  47. Slivoski: This collection is full of constellation photos and other objects.
  48. Views of Jupiter: This collection takes a look at photographs of Jupiter from the past 30 years.
  49. Michigan Tech Astronomy Picture of the Day: Although this resource is no longer updated, you’ll find lots of images of space technology, the solar system, and more.
  50. WeatherScapes: This photo collection highlights atmospheric optics, astronomy, and a photo of the month.
  51. Sky Image Lab: You can find Hubble photos, NASA Space Missions, lunar photos, and more on this space image site.
  52. Mr. Eclipse: You’ll see lots of eclipse and astronomy photos on this website.
  53. Man on the Moon, Future and Past: In this collection, you’ll get a look at seven photographs of our possible future on the moon as well as 10 from the past.
  54. NightLight Celestial Images: Tom Diana’s website features astrophotography of galaxies, aurora, planets, and more.

Blogs & Videocasts

You’ll find regularly updated resources for space photos and videos in these blogs and videocasts.

  1. has weekly videocasts that show images of the sky.
  2. blog: Among astronomy news and more, you’ll find lots of updates on astroimaging on this astronomy blog.
  3. Bad Astronomy Video Blog: The Bad Astronomer shares a variety of interesting astronomy videos on this blog.
  4. NASA Image of the Day: Every day, NASA shares a new space and astronomy image.
  5. DISCOVER Magazine Science Videos: Discover’s Brightcove channel offers videos of space, astronomy, and more.

Top Photos & Videos

Check out these resources to find some of the best of the best space videos and images.

  1. Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008: The Bad Astronomer highlights some of the most beautiful and interesting astronomy photos from 2008.
  2. Top 6 Videos About Early Space Race: These videos will help you learn more about the Space Race.
  3. Astronomy Now 2008 in Pictures: See an astronomy photo from every month in 2008 in this recap.
  4. Top 7 Astronomy Videos for Kids: Help kids learn more about astronomy from these videos.
  5. Best 50 Astronomy Pictures of Year 2008: Check out this post from Itv News, which highlights 50 beautiful photos from astronomy, including cosmic whirlpools and shadow play.
  6. Discovery’s Best Space and Astronomy Photos of 2008: This collection highlights ten truly astonishing space and astronomy photos from the past year.
  7. National Geographic Top Ten Space Photos: Most Viewed of 2008: In this collection, you’ll find the ten most popular astronomy photos of 2008 from National Geographic.

Academics & Observatories

Here you’ll find images and videos from observatories and academic institutions.

  1. Mauna Kea and Astronomy Photos: In this collection of photos, you’ll see photographs of the Mauna Kea Observatories, the Keck telescopes, the Hawaiian night sky, and more.
  2. Big Bear Solar Observatory: Here you’ll find some of the best images taken at the Big Bear Solar Observatory.
  3. Middlebury Astronomy Photos: Middlebury shares a variety of galaxies and nebulas in this collection.
  4. ICSTARS Astronomy: The ICSTARS facility shares a variety of photos here.
  5. Ohio State University Department of Astronomy Image Gallery: OSU shares this collection of images taken by OSU astronomers and their colleagues.
  6. Panther Observatory: Panther Observatory’s photos include the moon, planets, comets, and constellations.
  7. Anglo-Australian Observatory: Find the CCD and deep galaxy images of the Anglo-Australian Observatory here.
  8. Morden Observatory: On this website, you’ll get access to deep sky imaging, including sun and planetary images.
  9. Meadow View Observatory: Check out the Meadow View Observator to see images of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and the solar system.
  10. Video Clips Screening Room: shares educational videos on black holes, the space station, and more.
  11. Ask an Astronomer: Check out this video collection to find video answers to astronomy questions.
  12. Stull Observatory: Here you’ll find an image sampler gallery of images from the Stull Observatory.


Visit these communities to see the image and video collections that they share.

  1. Space for All Group: Space for All highlights any and all images of space.
  2. Astronomy Forum: This forum is full of astronomy photos from users.
  3. Blue Ridge Astronomy Club: In this club’s photo collection, you’ll see images including Hale-Bopp, the moon, and a variety of planets.
  4. Astronomy Group: Check out this group to see and share astronomy related pictures.
  5. The Local Group Astronomy Club: The Local Group offers an astronomy day video as well as a picture of the day on this website.
  6. Northern Virginia Astronomy Club: This club’s astrophotography features solar, lunar, and planetary photos, as well as images of the cosmos and galaxies.
  7. Williamson Country Astronomy Club Astrophoto Gallery: See the stars, nebula, and more from these photographs.
  8. Deep Space Astrophotography Group: This Flickr group features photos of deep space, including nebulas and galaxies.
  9. Syracuse Astronomical Society: Visit this astronomical society’s gallery to find regularly updated astrophotography.
  10. Utah Valley Astronomy Association: This gallery is full of the best photos from a Utah astronomy group.
  11. Rappahannock Astronomy Club: The RAC has photos of the sun, Hale-Bopp, lunar eclipses and more.
  12. Space and Weather Group: Space and Weather is all about photos of the sky and space.
  13. Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association: Here you’ll find a variety of astronomical photography taken by TAAA members.
  14. Space Exploration Group: In this group’s photos, you’ll find images related to the exploration of space.

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